Welcome to the KGK family!

We invite you join us as partners tho share in our unique position on the market.

It’s not a sprint, but a marathon – citius, altius, longius

Solving problems and concerns of the customer, developing cooperation and business oportunities, listening to partners and sharing information – these are probably the most valuable to success.

The future belongs to those companies that not only cooperate but develop together. The goal for every business is to make profit. Today every company is searching for opportunities of profitability through more efficient processes. The best cooperation is created by commonly defined, understandable and respected values. Only with these conditions it is possible to change habits and develop to a next level.

Yes, I would recommend KGK to my colleagues

Webasto has been working with KGK since 1972 which says everything. We have a longtime relationship with KGK which have brought the Webasto brand strong in the Nordic. KGK is outstanding in every aspect and they work closely with the customers and the employees are always open and have an open mindset.

Our corporate slogan “Feel the Drive” is both aspiration and philosophy. The commitment and satisfaction of our partner KGK is what constitutes the foundation of our long-term success.

I would definitely recommend KGK to my colleagues and other suppliers.

Henrik S. Jakobsen
Sales Director Nordic Countries

Efficient e-commerce

The majority of our sales are through our Autokataloog.ee webshop. At present, it handles more than half a million products. For our partners, it is an unbeatable window out to the customers, where we show and easily sell their products. In Autokataloog.ee, customers can quickly find the right product using vehicle VIN and/or reg. nr search engine and get a fast delivery.

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