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We care about our employees and think it is important to have the right person in the right place.

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Over 20 years K.G. Knutsson AS has been reliable and caring employer for over 100 workers all over Estonia. Our biggest value is our professional and dedicated staff who help achieve the companys mission – to be a strong partner now and in the future.

We value our employees contribution to the company, therefore we provide career and development opportunities together with the company. We ensure long-term employment both for the employer and the employee. We recognize and celebrate the successes of the company and workers personal accomplishments. We value balance between family and work life, therefore, we are flexible in terms of place and time of work, we support an athletic way of life and give time off for special occasions.

In client and in employee relationships honesty, caring and professionalism are important to us. We put in effort to motivate and keep our employees dedicated.

When I started working at KGK, I felt that this company is precisely the place where I have the opportunity to develop myself. I was proud to be part of a team that wants to grow and evolve in the car industry. I started working as a Technical Consultant, where I consulted and advised clients concerning products technical issues. Later I moved on to the Product Managers position. It could be said that this period of my life gave me invaluable experience to be who I am and to reach the position I have today. It took great effort and hard work, but there was always a lot of fun. The company recognized me and saw an employee who had more to offer. Therefore, I was promoted to be a team leader for product managers. It was a new and exciting challenge, because I had to develop the skills and competence of a leader and prove to myself and the company, that in addition to products, I can also manage people. Today I have taken a step even further and I’m in charge of the wholesale business in KGK, which has led my personal development to a completely new level.

The main reason I have been working in KGK for more than 14 years, is the development opportunities the company offers. Today, this is not just a job for me, but a lifestyle. Being beneficial to the company goes hand in hand with the will to test yourself, self-development and learning. During my time in KGK, I have made many new contacts and business connections from both Estonia and abroad, some which have grown from work relations to friendships. This makes working easier and more pleasant. When traveling with family it is good to know that I’m always welcome to visit our business partners who have become loyal suppliers and friends.

Veikko Ormisson

Sales manager

Vacant positions

If there currently are no vacancies or suitable positions for you, you can still send us your CV and a vision, of the position you would like to work at to In case of an opening we can contact you. We promise to keep your information confidential.