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We care about our employees and think it is important to have the right person in the right place.

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Over 25 years K.G. Knutsson AS has been reliable and caring employer for over 100 workers all over Estonia. Our biggest value is our professional and dedicated staff who help achieve the companys mission – to be a strong partner now and in the future.

We value our employees contribution to the company, therefore we provide career and development opportunities together with the company. We ensure long-term employment both for the employer and the employee. We recognize and celebrate the successes of the company and workers personal accomplishments. We value balance between family and work life, therefore, we are flexible in terms of place and time of work, we support an athletic way of life and give time off for special occasions.

In client and in employee relationships honesty, caring and professionalism are important to us. We put in effort to motivate and keep our employees dedicated.