Logistics is the key to success

Through our close collaboration with our suppliers and partners, we make sure that the right products arrive at the right time.

Logistics is more than just a delivery address

Setting requirements shows that you care. That’s why we keep fair but tight reins over the total flow of products from our suppliers, management through KGK, and distribution out to customers and end consumers.

The cooperation with our suppliers is crucial to ensuring efficient management. Reliability, simplicity and transparency are words we live by.

Our main warehouse

KGK AS’s main warehouse spans 3000 square meters and is divided into several different stock areas. There are about 34 800 outbound deliveries per year, with a total of 666 300 order lines. All products are barcoded for time-efficient management.

Main warehouses geographic location enables us to offer one-day deliveries, supported by our satellite warehouses all over Estonia. We also deliver from KGK Group warehouses in Sweden and Finland.

The number of overall warehouses enables quick and on-time delivery.

Good logistics combined with committed staff

In our main warehouse, all orders are handled by our warehouse workers who make sure everything is running smoothly. Every day we work towards making logistics better by implementing new solutions to retain our lead time.

The products are stored on 8100 numbered shelves for easy location. In addition there are two automated Tornado lift machines that fit 13 780 different products.