Welcome to the KGK family!

There are lots of KGK ambassadors in the industry, and we would love to expand our pool of talented partners even more.

Your reliable partner and supplier

We strive to always do business in a way that benefits both parties. It is this attitude that has earned us the customer loyalty we enjoy today. In KGK, you have a partner that does not fixate on quarterly reports or on making quick deals. Naturally, we are driven and make demands. But we have a long-term focus that few others in the industry can match.

As a dealer for KGK’s products and services, you have access to the broadest range on the market, with products from world-leading manufacturers. But, we do not just leave you on your own with the sales responsibility. We instead offer you knowledge and training, and access to our popular support.

KGK is your friend on your path to success and increased profitability.

Lars Frank
Vice President

Complete range at autokataloog.ee

Autokataloog.ee has the broadest range in the market. At present, it handles more than half a million products. The vast selection makes searchability in the catalog vital, so you simply search using the VIN and/or registration number of the vehicle in question, which limits the hits to suitable products. It also shows the current stock balance all the way to our supplier’s shelves, even if they are located abroad.

Learn more about Autokataloog.ee

Logistics is caring

We realized early-on that well-functioning logistics is more than just a delivery address. Our reliability and delivery precision are one way we show how seriously we take our business together. And we show that we care about our customers.

Our main warehouse is located in Tallinn. It is the commitment of our employees that ultimately ensures that the products are delivered on time and in the right condition. We are proud of our delivery precision.

Like all good relationships, sometimes you have to be strict. That’s why we are very clear with our suppliers about what it takes to deliver to KGK.

Logistics at KGK